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Workshops Spring 2022

Hello everyone,

The dates on which everyone can register:

Januari : Friday 21 and Saterday 22, Friday 28 and Saterday 29,

Februari : Friday 11 and Saterday 12, Friday 18 and Saterday 19

March : Friday 18 and Saterday 19, Friday 25 and Saterday 26

April : Friday 15 and Saterday 16, Friday 22 and Saterday 23

May : Friday 13 and Saterday 14, Friday 20 and Saterday 21

June : Friday 17 and Saterday 18, Friday 24 and Saterday 25

Organization workshop / course:

- max 6 students (if it has to take place inside)

- We prefer to work outside, of course, but 6 people at 1.5m can even work in my studio.

- price: € 55 for 1 day and € 100 for 2 consecutive days

For the beginners the braiding material is included, for the non-beginners there is 1 kg of willow twigs, brut, included. If the basket weighs more, an additional cost / kg will be charged. Peeled willow trees are always paid separately.

You will also find all the information on my website.

Please everyone bring a mouth mask for sorting out the erasure, going in for a toilet visit ....

Please take back whatever food and drink you bring with you.

Very happy looking forward to meet again.

Message published on
19/11/2021 - 11:32

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Hi, my name is Lieve Lieckens and I am an artisan basket weaver by profession.

I am specialised in custom made baskets, the creation of giants, and delivering services such as courses and presentations. Quality is guaranteed by the usage of the right materials and through craftsmanship. All my products are ecologic and sustainable.

Interested? Contact me!