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Wicker baskets

Every creation is unique 

For more than 25 years already I've created unique custom made baskets. By constantly updating my skills, learning on a day to day basis, and continuously searching for the right materials, I've been able to ensure the quality of my baskets. 

All baskets are handmade and available in various (natural) colours and sizes.  

Baskets from back in the day or today's date, traditional or modern, big or small, normal or totally out of the box, all ideas are greatly welcomed! 

Want to find some more inspiration? Check out my gallery to find more of my creations!


Questions or interested? 

Feel free to contact me when interested or with questions about an idea for a possible new creation.

Do you perhaps already own a basket, and is it in need of some loving care? I also do repairs, and can help you restore them. 

Hi, my name is Lieve Lieckens and I am an artisan basket weaver by profession.

I am specialised in custom made baskets, the creation of giants, and delivering services such as courses and presentations. Quality is guaranteed by the usage of the right materials and through craftsmanship. All my products are ecologic and sustainable.

Interested? Contact me!