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Where does basket making come from?

Weaving baskets as a craftsperson in Belgium and the world

Weaving a basket and the craft of being a basketmaker is one of the oldest crafts in the world. Even though the transiciency of the material has played its part in making it difficult to find traces of it in the course of history, there are still traces dating all the way back to the pre-history. The prehistorian human wove the walls of his house and there are several remainders found that support the hypothosis that the first baked pots were clay-covered woven baskets.

In the Western world this craft is nowadays often used almost only for demonstrative purposes. Most of the baskets are being imported from low-wage countries. In Belgium and surrounding there is, however, still a strong culture present to keep crafts alive and also the local qualitative products. Here I also try to contribute not only as a basket maker but also as the president of the non-profit crafts association "Oude Volksambachten Nu" (Old Craftspeople Now). Through this association we gather craftspeople from all over the country to maintain the old crafts by giving demonstrations and providing information through events, markets, and other occasions. 

Further down in Europe and the rest of the world there are plenty enthousiasts to be found who keep our wonderful craft alive. Below I have listed some links for those interested.


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United Kingdom

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United States

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Hi, my name is Lieve Lieckens and I am an artisan basket weaver by profession.

I am specialised in custom made baskets, the creation of giants, and delivering services such as courses and presentations. Quality is guaranteed by the usage of the right materials and through craftsmanship. All my products are ecologic and sustainable.

Interested? Contact me!