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Lieve Lieckens is the giants doctor • Repairs of traditional giants

Welcome to the giants doctor

Lieve Lieckens is known as the giants doctor. On her figurative surgery table she does, in an ecologically responsible matter, with great respect for traditions, small and bigger repairs for giants.

Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in both creating and maintaining giants, I am now somewhat known as the giants doctor. Many years ago, throughout one of my demonstrations I was offered the chance to build my first giant. Weaving a giant was in the end somewhat like weaving a big basket, right?  

Looking back on it, that first giant was probably not my greatest piece of art, but I got the taste of it. Ever since I create giants myself, and help with maintaining or the repairs of giants

Discover more on my website about the history of giants, about how I create giants, or more about the repairs of giants.


The giants doctor is ready for you

Do you already own a giant, but is it in need of some loving care? Don't hesitate to contact me to make an appointment so we can have a look at your giant. 

Hi, my name is Lieve Lieckens and I am an artisan basket weaver by profession.

I am spesialised in custom made baskets, the creation of giants, and delivering services such as courses and presentations. Quality is guaranteed by the usage of the right materials and through craftsmanship. All my products are ecologic and sustainable.

Interested? Contact me!