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Demonstrations Wickerwork

Demonstrations about basket making with willow or life as a craftswoman

Would you like to experience a craftsperson work? Then this is something for you!

Basketry/ Wickerwork 

Life as a craftswoman, weaving with willow, or the proces behind creating a giant, all sorts of demonstrations are possible! You can experience me work, at home or at your location of preference, on markets for craftsmen and women, events, and more.. 

All kinds of Craftspeople 

In case you'd like to experience various craftspeople work, you can rely on the non-profit organisation "Oude Ambachten Nu" (Old Artisans Now) of which I am the president. With this non-profit we provide all sorts of demonstrations of various crafts like basketry, copper smith, woodturning, lace-making, and many more.


Questions or interested? 

Feel free to contact me when interested or with questions about basketry or a demonstration. 

Are you interested in a course to learn the tricks of the trade yourself? Discover more about courses

Hi, my name is Lieve Lieckens and I am an artisan basket weaver by profession.

I am specialised in custom made baskets, the creation of giants, and delivering services such as courses and presentations. Quality is guaranteed by the usage of the right materials and through craftsmanship. All my products are ecologic and sustainable.

Interested? Contact me!